Musings from an Analog Lady


"ANALOG STATE OF MIND: Reflections from an Analog Lady" —

Old soul records on vinyl gave my grandma the solace she needed on her journey to New York, leaving her beloved hometown of New Orleans behind.


Episode 6: Analog Lady Discusses "The Love Below" — Thursday Throwbacks

Music lover Analog Lady discusses her appreciation for "The Love Below", Shyne, Max B and others with Thursday Throwbacks host Jesse Fairfax at a coffee shop in Harlem, NY.


"Analog Lady Visits Tasha's Music City in San Diego" —

While she digs for classic vinyl records, Tasha interviews store owner Mike Millsap and discusses some prominent hip-hop samples used by Pete Rock, Q-Tip, and Ski Beatz.


Started blogging in Summer 2010...

From Gil Scott-Heron's last show at the Blue Note in New York City to pretty much every arts and culture event I've experienced in the last 7 years.